K.R.Enterprises Solar Control Film
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This invention relates to a solar control film that blocks the sunlight, when applied to various windows of automobiles, buildings or exhibition places and that prevent any second accident caused by broken glasses at an accident. From the solar control film, a surface protective layer, a plastic film substrate, a hologram-engraved layer, a metal deposition layer, a pressure sensitive adhesive layer and a release film are laminated in due order. The solar control film of this. Hence the above-described solar film has a basic function such as an excellent blocking rate of visible and infrared rays, while demonstrating an additional antifog action and an elegant look due to the hologram effect.

Installing the Solar Control Film will result in a more comfortable working environment ensuring higher productivity and efficiency. For the right solution to the problem, consult an Anglian "Approved Installer". we are Importing and Exporting Solar Control Film

  • Reduces solar heat gain
  • Reduces visible glare
  • Reduces UV fading
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves visual privacy and aesthetics
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