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Laminated Glass is popular for automobiles. First used in 1903 by the French, laminated glass was first used during the World War before the automobile industry identified and began to use glass for automobiles.

An automobile glass pane, intended for glueing to the fixing web of the window frame of an automobile body, is furnished along its edge with a profile strand of a hardened adhesive compound. This profile strand forms a no longer plastically deformable intermediate body between the glass pane and the adhesive strand. The profile strand is substantially of U-section and possesses anchorage projections. These anchorage projections produce a form-fitting and force-transmitting connection between the adhesive strand and the profile strand. They can additionally serve for the clamping fixing of different lugs, clips or profile strips.

A glass pane is furnished at the edge with a profile having a U-section clamping portion. The glass pane is also furnished, in the edge zone covered by the U-section clamping portion of the profile, with a facing firmly adhering to the glass surface and having a profiled surface. The U-shaped clamping portion of the profile possesses, on the surface bearing against the facing, a profiling corresponding to the profiling of the facing, in such a manner that a form-fitting connection is obtained between the arms of the U-section clamping portion and the profiled facing

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